Opening a local - non iCloud - graph on iPad

I am not able to open a local graph on my iPad that is not an iCloud folder. Is that a bug or a feature? If it’s a feature, can this be changed? I used to sync my Obsidian files using Working Copy/Github. That gave me full control over the syncing process and made sure all my files were up to date when switching from one device to another. Now, using iCloud, I can never be sure all files have been synced and if they haven’t there’s not way to force them to sync - causing all kinds of nasty duplications and file-mismatches in the process.

To be honest: I would love the iOS version of Logseq to bits, if I could trust it to sync correctly with my iMac. At the moment I am forced to stay away from the iPad version most of the times by the fact that iCloud is refusing to stay properly synced.

I seem to be able to create a local directory successfully. Can you make sure the folder is inside the logseq with icon folder??

Thanks @Aryan.

I tried again, and now it seems to work. I did some digging and found there were two local Loqseq folders on my iPad - both with the Logseq icon. I threw away one of them, and now it works.

Let’s see if this can help me do the syncing using Working Copy/Github. I will keep you all posted.

Hi @Aryan,

Now that I’ve solved the mystery of why I couldn’t open a local graph outside of iCloud (I still don’t know how I ended up with two Logseq folders - both with icon and all - on my iPad), I’ve set up the syncing with Working Copy/Github/Github Desktop and it all seems to work.
I set up my local Logseq folder in Working Copy as a synced folder in Working Copy, and linked it to my Github account (add remote), pushed all the files to the Github repository, and then cloned that repository to a local folder on my iMac, using Github Desktop. I know some people prefer command line actions, but I’m a very infrequent user of Github so I need a UI to remind of the actions I can take :-).
It’s not as seamless as iCloud is supposed to be but at least I can now make that when I commit my changes to Github, all the latest changes are actually on the server. By syncing in Working Copy before opening Logseq on my iPad, everything is up to date there as well.