Optimizing making of "cards" in Logseq

Have you guys seen the latest update of Remnote (after their massive redesign), for example? What they’ve done is quite ingenious - check out their video here on flashcards: RemNote Update v1.4 - YouTube

In a nutshell, you can basically create all types of cards very easily:

Forward cards: Question >> Answer
Backward cards: Answer << Question
Bidirectional cards: Question <> Answer
Descriptor cards: Description ;; Back side

What I love is what they did with Multi-line, which is basically:

  • Question ::
    • every other answer becomes a point
    • this is also another answer

I think the visual aspect with the arrows are great. This far exceeds needing to tag something with “#card” - creates a LOT of friction (you don’t realise how much friction that is until you have to deal with 10,000 cards).

Thank you for bringing this to the forum. There was push back in developing more of the students features in the Logseq Discord in favour of a focus in removing bugs and data loss. I understand that, but also would really like a more fluid spaced repetition system. SRS in Remnote is really great for my workflow.

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Absolutely. The SRS is SO seamless now in remnote. All i need to do to make a card is type “>>” and it becomes an automatic forward card. It is also so easy to make image occlusion cards.

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