Org-Capture feature?

I would love to see this org-mode feature ported to logseq. The ability to capture info that would go straight into the journal page without leaving the current screen would be such a huge plus. I can’t tell how many times i’ve been in another page, writing my notes, and an idea pops up that I want to capture, and I have to stop what i’m doing (kills my work flow), jump back to the journal and create a note or task item, then return to where I was.

Org-capture could be a great add to the logseq feature set. Would love to hear your thoughts on this @tienson.

I’m a big fan of org-capture too :slight_smile:
But our focus is make logseq stable and performant at the moment, we’ll look into this then.


Would this capture workflow work for you?
While editing a page, need to capture thought:
1/ Click the burger menu , Recent.
2/ Shift-click a recent journal page, opens in sidebar.
3/ Enter the thoughts in that sidebar.
4/ Close the burger or just leave the sidebar open for more stray thoughts. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m starting to test this two window, sidebar workflow. I’m so used to editing in window switching mode.