Pasting "- item" inside Quote block results in pasting after the block

Not sure if this is expected behaviour but I found it very surprising.
When I remove the “-” from the source text the paste goes where I want, ie, inside BEGIN_QUOTE and END_QUOTE:


Thanks for posting this - it is also a problem for notes and similar elements.
Unfortunately I have no votes left - but I support this bugfix :wink:

I came here to see if anyone else saw this issue. I hope this gets fixed soon.

The issue I am seeing is slightly different. There are no hyphens at the beginning of the lines of what I am pasting. I was basically pasting an email snippet in a quote block.


  1. <
  2. Select quote
  3. Ctrl+v
  4. The whole clipboard content got pasted after the quote block.

I am using v0.5.6 (beta).

Actually this was a user error; I needed to Ctrl+Shift+V (not just Ctrl+V).

Ref Line break in code block removed when copying and pasting between blocks