PDF annotation in Logseq

I am gathering ideas on improvements for document annotations here if someone would like to discuss them:

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I was very frustrated by Logseq’s lack of pdf annotation import so I forked pdfannots to create a proof of concept to import pdf annotations. Here’s the link.

You can use it like so python ./pdfannots.py -f md_and_edn path_to_pdf -o path_to_pages_markdown --edn_output path_to_asset_edn.

This will create the markdown annotation file (in the pages folder) as well as the edn files containing the metadata of the highlights (in the assets folder).

This is still early and does not yet support highlight color parsing nor highlights different than simple text highlighting (no shapes, no rectangles etc). Don’t hesitate to help in the PR as I’m not a pro at this!


why do we want to do pdf annotation in LogSeq? Maybe the basics, ok, but once we get beyond a very narrow window of annotation, why not send a pdf to another app (pdf expert, Preview), and let that app annotate it?

That may create an added task of bringing back the annotated version, but that’s a small price to pay for always having access to the most up-to-date annotation app with no effort on our part.

Hello, I made a functionnal script to import pdfannotations to logseq that can be found here: Python script to import pdf annotation to logseq


Highlight in Logseq or another PDF viewer (e.g. Acrobat reader or Zotero) interchangeably and the highlights should reflect in both