PDF reading and highlighting from HTTP(s) URL

I have a lot of PDFs on my NAS. I normally mount the share and they work fine, however, the path becomes invalid on mobile devices because they don’t use the same file structure when mounting.

In the past with, obsidian, I set up a web server on my NAS so that I could link to PDFs via URLs. Also great for remote.

I would like to do the same with LogSeq but also allow highlighting etc. I had this working on Obsidian with the help of a plugin developer whom I suggested the feature to.

I wondered if it could be done for LogSeq as well.

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I agree that would be a helpful feature to add.

Do you mean annotations like text selection and rectangular region? IIRC they work for remote PDFs

Yes thanks HTTP links do work I couldn’t get them to work the otherday

how do I embed an html file? or even a pdf file?

For local file insert in a block:

<iframe src="/path/to/file.pdf-or-file.html"></iframe>

For remote file:

<iframe src="http://example.com/"></iframe>

[Edit]: To adjust height:

<iframe src="http://example.com/" height="500px"></iframe>

Any way, we can get a remote pdf displayed in Logseq’s viewer with the ability to add text and rectangular highlights in Logseq? When I read this, I thought that this was the intention of the original post. But trying gave me a “normal” iframe embed with none of Logseqs UI, but just what I’d get in a plain webbrowser pdf viewer.

You can just use ![](https://example.com/remote.pdf).

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