Performance problems in desktop app

Logseq in browser works fine. However, when I open the same folder in desktop/electron, I perceive problems with performance. Surprisingly, it works fine on another machine I have…
I have tried a couple of last versions including 0.2.10.
When typing, on some of the keystrokes there is a freeze that can last up to a couple of seconds. The easiest way to reproduce the situation is to create/remove/(un)indent blocks (enter, tab etc).
I was trying to profile electron app, but I have hard time finding anything meaningful.
Can anyone point me to an approach on how to find the root cause of the problem? Does anyone has any guess on what might be wrong?

I am attaching a screenshot of the profiling session if anyone can see something I do not. I am not an electron developer :wink: You can clearly see a pause between ~10s and ~14s

I have followed suggestion from discord to remove all of the default queries as well as queries on favorite page.
This seemed to improve the situation slightly, but still: adding/removing blocks as well as (un)indenting them has a noticeable delay.
Tested on 0.3.2.

The problem found its home as a github issue.