Plugins to enhance longform writing

Here is a list of plugins that I believe are particularly useful for longform writing. These don’t address all of the longform workflows discussed in this post, but they do get us part of the way there:

NOTE: development seems to have stalled on the logseq citation plugin, so I’ve gone back to the built-in Zotero plugin for now, however if you use Paperpile or some other citation manager, this is still necessary.

Long Form plugin author here, thanks Luhmann for recommending my plugins!

The next feature I’d like to deliver for the Long Form plugin is a better Markdown export, ideally suitable for further processing by other Markdown based softwares.


Thanks for the list… The doc view exporter link seems to be incorrect.

Correct one here:

Thanks. I’ve fixed it.

“Hybrid mode” with just one CSS rule: