Possible to Automatically embed Block in other page (maybe feature request?)

Hello Folks,

I’ll describe my workflow and then try to formulate what I need. (english isn’t my first language so I hope I can make myself clear)

I use my notes app only for private stuff, sporadic diary entries, curating lists of movies/theater I watched and books I read and possible travel destinations. Currently I’m just using Obsidian and different Folders with notes of lists and need to first go the specific note and add it there.
The journal in logseq seems like a better way to do that. For a given day this might look like that:

Watched movie XY in #cinemaA
Went to bed early and had great sleep. #sleep #diary
Khao Phing Kan Islands looks nice. #tha

What I want to happen now is, that Line 1 is automatically embed in the Page CinemaA. So the Page CinemaA is just a list of Blocks from the Journal. The same for Line 3 and the page THA. Line 2 should be embeded in both pages, Sleep and Diary.

The references in Pages are okay but if you want to work with them they do have a clunky and somehow ugly interface. Embeding them manually is hell of a lot of work.

Is there a way to do what I want? I don’t know if this is possible but I think Logseq is the only notes app that may be able to do that, because the block is the basic structure and so it can be shown in different Pages at once.

If this is not a thing yet I have 2 suggestions (so a possible feature suggestion).

  1. [[Tags]] and #Tags are so similar, that might be one thing that could differentiate them more. use #tags as way to automatically embed them and [[Tags]] the same as they are now.

  2. I know [[Tags]] and #tags aren’t completly the same and people use them differently. So maybe introduce a new Tag, maybe @tag ?

What do you all think?

PS: If you actually know a different App that does that, I happily take recommendations.
PPS: I found one different post about that topic, which is already 2 years old and hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. Link


Welcome. This should be relatively easy to approximate with a kit. If you are willing to adopt it and type something like {{emref diary}} , I could prepare some code that auto-embeds the current block to the page of the passed reference (here #diary), leaving that reference in its place.

Currently on mobile so reading all that code is a little bothersome, but glancing over the thread it sounds great.

If I understand correctly, I’d write

Watched movie XY in {{emref CinemaA}}

If so, while it could be better, this would definitely be good enough.

Here you are: Macro to auto-embed a block to the page of a tag

Is the Query Table a solution for that task?