Privacy and Encryption

Just curious. When Logseq said privacy first. Does it only extend to local storage and local access?

Also on encryption, E2E is a must to me. Just wonder how I can verify that. How do I tell that it is E2E and that the docs are encrypted. So far, when I open Logseq, I have direct access to my docs. No password protection at all. When will this be solved?

Hi, server side is closed sourced as stated here. While it refers to the Logseq Pro version, I think the same is true for the current Logseq Sync feature they are currently using for paid users.
For more information about the current encyption status, I suggest this post

Thanks for the feedback. It appears that the best way is to wait until the official encryption is fully developed. I am ok with that and look forward to it. At the same time, I’ll just keep sensitive data away from logseq.

Thanks again.

You’re welcome, glad to help. May I know which app are you currently using for sensitive data? I’m using Standard Notes but I’m not really into it. Thanks

I don’t think I have a note app specifically for sensitive data. I use typical .doc to keep some important thoughts and have the hard drive encrypted. For some backed-up docs on cloud, I am using Proton Drive.(ps. really loved it) For even more sensitive info, like bank info, I simply don’t put it online.

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