Properties features from org-mode and more?

I wonder if more features from org-mode’s properties are planned ?

I’m especially interested in these features :

1. define allowed values for a property using xyz_ALL

from the org-mode doc:

You may define the allowed values for a particular property ‘Xyz’ by setting a property ‘Xyz_ALL’. This special property is inherited, so if you set it in a level 1 entry, it applies to the entire tree. When allowed values are defined, setting the corresponding property becomes easier and is less prone to typing errors. For the example with the CD collection, we can pre-define publishers and the number of disks in a box like this:

* CD collection
 :NDisks_ALL:  1 2 3 4
 :Publisher_ALL: "Deutsche Grammophon" Philips EMI

2. Properties can be inherited by all entries (blocks) in a file (page).

from the org-mdoe doc:

That means they apply before the first headline and can be inherited by all entries in a file. Property blocks defined before first headline needs to be located at the top of the buffer, allowing only comments above.
Properties can also be defined using lines like:
#+PROPERTY: NDisks_ALL 1 2 3 4

3. global properties

Property values set with the global variable org-global-properties can be inherited by all entries in all Org files.

coupled with 1/, this opens up a lot of possibilities

4. concatenating / adding values

If you want to add to the value of an existing property, append a ‘+’ to the property name. The following results in the property ‘var’ having the value ‘foo=1 bar=2’.

  #+PROPERTY: var  foo=1
  #+PROPERTY: var+ bar=2

It is also possible to add to the values of inherited properties. The following results in the ‘Genres’ > property having the value ‘Classic Baroque’ under the ‘Goldberg Variations’ subtree.

* CD collection
** Classic
   :Genres: Classic
*** Goldberg Variations
   :Title:     Goldberg Variations
   :Composer:  J.S. Bach
   :Artist:    Glenn Gould
   :Publisher: Deutsche Grammophon
   :NDisks:    1
   :Genres+:   Baroque

5. numeric variables or dates ?

if there was a way to treat certain variables as NUMERIC, DATE, or TIME instead of strings and use simple math operations, that would be useful too.
eg :

:birthday: 20211208
:appointment: 16:00
:visitors: 600

maybe we could define the properties type inside the config.edn or via a system file (eg. ~properties.edn like this:

    :birthday: date
    :appointment: time
    :visitors: num

then the parser would convert strings into relevant date/number/time according to the definitions of the config file