Property values with a mix of references and unlinked text

Properties have a property name and value. The current behavior is that whenever you want to both reference a page in the value, and add additional plain text, the plain text is going to be linked automatically.

Let’s assume the following fictional use case: You want to document information about your customers - for example, what their title is or where they are located.

For this, you create a page with page properties:

tags:: customer
role:: Sr. [[Research Consultant]]
location:: [[New York City]] - close to Central Park

The idea here is that you do not want to link the full title (including Sr.) so you are able to quickly see - or query - who of your contacts are “Research Consultants”, no matter whether Senior or Junior. For the location you want to add some additional information that should not appear on the “New York City” page as it is specific to this person.

However, the result is going to be the following:
All items, separated by comma or after a linked page, are going to be linked.

Current alternatives

  • Do not add this additional information to the properties but in plain text below the property block (disadvantage: Cannot be queried, different formatting)
  • Add a second property with the additional plain text information only (disadvantage: separates related information)

The feature request is to allow a mix of both (auto-)linked references and plain text within the same property. The syntax could be like this:

location:: [[New York City]]" - close to Central Park"

Discord reference

Could that “- close to Central Park” be considered a comment? Hence could Markdown/HTML comment markups be appropriate <!-- -->. So your proposed example could be:

location:: [[New York City]] <!-- close to Central Park -->

I just tested in Logseq v0.2.8 that Markdown/HTML comments works in normal block, but doesn’t work in properties section.

That’s a good idea, though ideally I’d still be able to retrieve this value as part of the query. I’d also like to see it in the preview when hovering over a page reference (not sure if comments are shown).

Markdown code for URL links with labels, url and title is [label](url "title"). That would display the title in a popup tooltip when your mouse hover over the link.
For example this code:
[GFM]( "Github Flavoured Markdown")
will show as this screenshot.
Logseq markdown link with title 2021-07-30 180639

I guess you want similar for Wikilinks or Logseq [[page]] links, right?
Unfortunately Logseq does not yet support Wikilinks with title, label like [[title|label]]
On Wikipedia this example code:
[[Github Flavoured Markdown|GFM]]
will show as this screen shot:
Wikipedia wikilink with tooltip

@Miro This is now available in the nightly release and will be out in 0.8.3. To enable this behavior, add :rich-property-values true to your config. No quoting necessary for unlinked text and you can also have trailing punctuation on tags e.g.

description:: This project is written with #cljs, #nbb and #js. #amazing!

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the :rich-property-values flag does not appear in the config.edn (as of April 2023), why?


When logseq updated on your computer, the local config.edn file does not update with it, even if there were new changes to config.edn in the released version on github (because this local file contained user preferences and logseq still doesn’t know how to merge the local modifications and the updated clean config.)

there are feature requests for storing user modifications in a separate file so that config.edn can update properly, but it’s not implemented yet.

please update your config manually according to logseq/config.edn at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub

Thanks, but I have just downloaded the config.edn file from master and the feature is NOT present

Sorry, you’re right, I forgot that it was deprecated because it’s become the default. See: Feat: Config option to allow for longer, richer property values by logseq-cldwalker · Pull Request #6336 · logseq/logseq · GitHub