Publish: Pre-render pages to make them indexeable by search engines & increase load speed

Currently only the main page of the export is pre-rendered (and correspondingly indexed by Google. to use Logseq docs as an example: - Google Search)

The fact that there is at least one page pre-rendered is exciting because it implies that infrastructure for it is already there.
It’d be great if there were an option to pre-render all the pages (optionally - only pages tagged with a particular tag)

With many pages actual pre-rendering may take some time but:

  • After initial build - it can be done incrementally only for changed pages, which should take minimal time
  • You can make it opt-in - I imagine people who value SEO/searchability of the website would be happy to take increase build time as a tradeoff

This should also increase loading speeds for the published websites as the full-db can be loaded lazily in the background (Logseq published final index.html is too big to load fast, Could we split it as the local folder structure? · Issue #7117 · logseq/logseq · GitHub)