Pug-ins for iOS and iPad OS

Greeting from a newbie/wouldbe user. I’ve enjoyed Logseq. Unfortunately, I am exclusively an iOS/iPadOS user. I gave up my laptop and desktop long ago. Logseq without plug-ins is a nice note taking app but lacks the features I need. For example, I need to be able to use the Agenda plug-in and the Open AI plug-in. I hope that the community will enable at least these plug-ins in iOS soon. Alternatively, a web version of the Logseq application with plug-ins enabled would work as well. Without divulging secrets, is there any sense that one of these two alternative will become available in the near future?

This is a duplicate of this request Plugin Support for iOS & Android Apps.

There is no timeline if and when mobile clients will receive plugin support. Also please keep in mind that the question which plugins should be available is highly subjective. I have no use for either of these plugins for example