Query gives different result between iPad and PC

I have created the following query for myself:

{:title “:warning: OVERDUE”
:query [:find (pull ?b [*])
:in $ ?start ?today
(task ?b #{“TODO” “DOING”})
(between ?b ?start ?today)]
:inputs [:1y :today]
:collapsed? false}

I also have the simple query:
{{query (and (task todo doing)(between -1y today))}}

I am still learning queries so I was trying some stuff :slight_smile:

Anyway the advanced query gives 0 results on my PC and the simple query does give 1 result.
On my iPad (same graph/files) the advanced query gives 1 result, the exact same result as the simple query gives.

I’m confused! Why is this happening?
(I’m working on getting a task list with my open tasks from both journal pages and a specific tasks page hence I’m trying to learn advanced queries)