Query to summarize top level blocks across journal date range

I use the Journal pages and create new block as new tasks / meetings / etc pop up. I tag as needed to other pages if things start to become something other than a random converstation. What I’m trying to do now is easily summarize the top level blocks from a date range so that I can easily inform my managers what I’m working on, preferably without having to retype or reformat. I’ve start to bold/highlight the info I want summarized to try and use a pluggin i found, but it doesn’t work across date ranges, only within a certain page. I’ve not been able to find if there is a build in “depth” property of the blocks so that I could only get the blocks with a parent to the page, but would still need to go across multiple pages. Seems like gathering the bold/highlight or H1-6 markup would be a great way to go. Any thoughts or directions to look would be greatly appreciated.