Query to view all Readwise highlights from a particular domain

I am syncing Readwise with Logseq.
My Readwise has many highlights from example.com domain.
So, it may have some highlights from the page example.com/page1 and it may have some highlights from the page example.com/page2. And so on.

Is there an advanced query I can use to see all highlights from example.com domain at one place?

I understand the logic, which would be finding all pages with url page-property that has example.com string. Then we just list the contents of those pages one after another.

But I am not sure how to translate this into Logseq query syntax. Any help would be appreciated.

For those who don’t have Readwise extension, here is how the frontmatter looks like for example.com/page1. This file is saved as pages/Page 1 - Example.com (highlights).md in my Logseq folder.

title:: Page 1 - Example.com
author:: [[`]]
full-title:: "Page 1 - Example.com"
category:: #articles
url:: https://example.com/page1