Querying tasks having no certain tag(s)

Hello there!

My goal is to retrieve list of tasks which dont have certain tag or tags. I’m using hierarchial tags but even a simplier case doesnt work for me.

First i tried to retrieve tasks with exact tag and it works:

{{query (task TODO) [[tagcode]] }} 


{{query (task TODO) (not [[tagcode]] ) }}

doesnt work - i can see a task in resulting table which has #tagcode.

Please gimme a hint what am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


You can try this query {{query ( and (task TODO) (not [[tagcode]] ) ) }}

Thanks a lot.
Is there any difference in syntax? i was pretty sure syntax i used has completely the same meaning…

by the way, your query works, meanwhile i swear i tried it too. probably it is smth with an app, all started to work after i restarted it…

Hi!, Your query was missing the and to give you something like: (and (part one) (part two)).