Quick Capture to Today's Journal Page

Once in a while, I post about Logseq on various forums or social media sites.

One key observation from these interactions is users’ appreciation for Logseq’s journal due to its efficiency in capturing and processing information. This aligns with the most critical question for future Logseq development: How can Logseq reduce the friction in data entry?

Currently, the Logseq protocol allows users to add a block to the end of the day’s journal page, but this functionality is unavailable within Logseq itself. To address this, I propose enhancing the search feature (Mod + k). When users search for a string that doesn’t exist, they are currently offered the option to create a new page or a whiteboard using that string as the title. Logseq should offer a third option; append the searched string to the end of today’s journal page.

When a user searches for a non-existing text string over three words long, inserting the text into today’s journals should be the first option listed, followed by a new page or whiteboard. This feature would provide a seamless and intuitive way to quickly capture thoughts and information in the journal.

If you think this feature would be helpful, please upvote the feature request :slight_smile:

Very interesting idea. I would expand upon it and suggest that when entering a block this way there also be some additional UX tools to make discovery easier. Similar to the toolbar on the mobile app… so people know about some of the most frequently used slash commands.

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hmm adding slash command support or hints is more challenging from a UX prospective but it’s a good idea. Not sure how it can be done without making the UI too busy.

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why do you think it would be good to add this feature to ctrl+k?
Would it make sense to add a new shortcut, because then we would be open for future additions (e.g. add to last edited page, add to tomorrow, … )

I would love to have this “capture to today” as a global keyboard shortcut on my computer.

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