👋 Ramses went and did it. Now I have to play

Hey friends! I’d been trying to settle in on one tool and stay there, but I just can’t stick with Roam without trying Logseq to see if it will meet the same requirements long term (but give me more of what I’ve been craving on the community side).

Also, I’m nerdy enough that I might be able to help, and since Logseq is open source, there’s an opportunity there for me to give back to the community if I can.

So, let’s see how this goes. I’m currently watching my “Importing from Zotero” bar move across the screen and loving that my work is local (which will make my security monkey brain happy). That’s 5 minutes in.

Opportunity here to take what I’ve learned in my Roam, Notion and Obsidian journeys and start fresh and clean with a new setup that doesn’t take me weeks to tool.

Next up, going to outline what I like and use most in Roam to see what gaps there are and how others are jumping them in Logseq. Then I’ll check out the plugin architecture to see if I can level up quickly enough to contribute soon or what it would take me to get there.

Would love to chat with other fence-sitters or converts - as long as the cultiness can stay out of the conversation. :slight_smile:

REALLY looking forward to digging in with you peeps! Already loving how welcoming you folks are. :beers:cheers!



Hi Lis

Thank you so much for the wonderful introduction and my apologies for the delay in welcoming you.

Great to hear that you are trying out Logseq and I hope that you have found it to your liking. It is very similar to Roam but I feel a good few things set it apart, such as:

  • Development and Developers
  • Local first
  • PDF Annotation built in as standard
  • SRS which actually works well
  • Many more :slight_smile:

If you have any questions on getting Logseq set up locally so that you can play around with the code, or need any guidance on the plugin architecture, please do feel free to post a comment on here or the Discord.

Glad to have you here with us and looking forward to seeing your list of features that are available in Roam and not yet in Logseq.

Thanks again

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