Readwise via Obsidian - quick question!

Like many others, I am using Obsidian to sync my Readwise highlights so that they are available in Logseq and it works great. I have set Obsidian to sync every 12 hours. Does Obsidian need to be open in order to sync with Readwise or does it somehow do it in the background?

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AFAIK Obsidian needs to be open (Readwise plugin need to “pull” changes from the dB), but once syncronized you can close it, as Logseq will work on *.md files locally.

I also think it needs to be opened for the sync to be initiated. However, @hkgnp created an unofficial Readwise plugin for Logseq - it is available in the marketplace to download. Readwise are also working on a Logseq official plugin, but it is not clear when this will be released.

Thanks to you both for the answers. I came to the same conclusion and decided to try the unofficial Readwise plugin for Logseq which seems to be working perfectly. So for now, I’ve decided to not use Obsidian until I have a compelling reason to. Loving Logseq!

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