Really dumb questions about logging in

Today I quit the logseq app on my macbook, and when I loaded it back up it was asking me for a Github login. It’s been a couple months since I’ve had to log in and I was confused, because I did not have a logseq userid/pw in my password manager. So I popped in my Github credentials. I don’t use Github for anything else, so I’m not up to speed on it. (Note: I don’t sync with Github. My files are in icloud drive).

I was in, but it was not showing my graph. Then I realized I probably had to open it by picking the logseq folder. After some time loading it up–guess it takes a few minutes–it all came up.

I just can’t remember how I initially got into logseq when I set it up so it was a bit confusing. So some dumb questions:

  1. Is Github how I am supposed to sign in? There are no logseq credentials that I am forgetting about? Is Logseq tied to Github now and in the future?

  2. Once in, it didn’t remember to bring up my graph, but I have to “open” it? Is that right?


I see that I received an email from Github saying:

A third-party GitHub Application (Logseq) with the following permissions:

- View your email addresses

**Was recently authorized to access your account.