Recommended IDEs & Development Environment setup guides

Hi, I would like to contribute, but I didn’t have much luck trying to run the project using IntelliJ Idea/Cursive. I think there should be a list of recommended IDEs and detailed guides on how to set it all up for them, or at the very least one of them.

I believe the fact there are currently about 1.3k open issues indicates there currently isn’t nearly enough contributors. That is not surprising, in my opinion, because ClojureScript is a niche in a niche, but you can’t expect to have a growing number of users without growing number of contributors to support them. I believe making the onboarding of new contributors as simple as possible should be a priority if the project is to thrive.


Hi and thank you for your interest. May I ask if you have visited this?

Yeah, I noticed that, of course.

I don’t remember the details, since it’s two months back (didn’t get any email notifications, strange), but I think I had to modify some of the code because it didn’t run on Windows, and even then, Calva’s debugger doesn’t actually support ClojureScript or something like that. Painful and confusing experience.

Depending on what you want to contribute, it is possible to use Logseq itself as its own IDE: Edit and run javascript code inside Logseq itself