Refreshing a large graph (directory)


I’m using Logseq Desktop version and I’m having problems with the refresh (scanning) process:

  • If I store too many or large pdfs (hundreds of MB per file) in assets directory. Logseq always crashes while scanning. If I remove some pdfs, it finish but it’s very slow (can take some minutes)
    • Another problem is that closing can take a lot of time and sometimes it never finish so I have to kill the program.
  • If I move assets directory to another directory outside Logseq’s graph directory, it has no problem refreshing and it does the job very fast (sub-second).

So I think that the problem is that Logseq is scanning (indexing?) the assets folder for no reason. Is there any way to avoid/fix this?

I have tried assing “assets” to the :hidden option with no success.

PD: My current solution is to move out assets directory before pressing “refresh/reload” icon, and after that move back again.

@Zab, thanks for reporting, I can reproduce this issue. The indexing time seems to grow with the size of the files in the asset folder. Can you create a Github issue?


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