Remote Storage and Sync

Would like the option to connect to nobackend storage/syncing options like remoteStorage.

Moving here as suggested in remoteStorage storage support · Issue #825 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

Another option is saving to a solid pod: Get a Pod · Solid

I love the solid pod idea, but it’s far too early to suggest it to most users. Even the providers listed on that page all say it’s early alpha and shouldn’t be used for important data.

@secobarbital, can you explain the benefits of nobackend storage vs. local file storage with a separate backup solution (other than disk space)? Is this a priority or a nice-to-have for you?

My use case is I want to capture thoughts quickly and do some light organization on mobile throughout the day, but when I get the chance I want to do proper organization on the desktop. So I would like a seamless sync and backup solution, not worried about disk space.

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I’ve the same use case. A mobile app can fulfill the requirement (I use syncthing for syncs) or a tool like remote storage

This would be even better now that Nextcloud 23 supports the Solid protocol natively!

Until official solution here’s how I 've done it now between 3 computers. Does AndroidMobile fit here? That is to be tested in near future.
Nextcloud integration