Repository for Roam→Logseq migration gotchas

If it doesn’t exist already, I would love to see one thread where we can collect all the considerations for someone migrating from Roam to Logseq. Especially syntactical differences, but also functional differences, importing bugs and workarounds, etc.

I’ll start.

is both syntactically and functionally different. In Roam it’s an inline chunk that resolves to a number. They can refer to each other, and/or to other blocks containing a numeric value, and so can be chained. It looks like this: {{[[calc]]: ((1+2))}} or {{[[calc]]: ((blockrefxyz))}}

In Logseq it’s a code block that renders visually as a list of calculations on the left and resulting values on the right. I’m not sure if values can be chained within the block, or if it can reference other blocks. Syntactically it looks like this:

```                                      .

I know there are many more like this, but I’m just beginning my Logseq learning journey. Feel free to chime in! :pray: