Roam importer could do more

The import from Roam JSON feature has a few issues:

  • it always creates .md files even if the graph specifies .org
  • it throws away header info (in Roam, blocks can have an h1, h2, or h3 class property)
  • it throws away create and edit time information, even though Logseq seems to have a convention for storing those (block properties)
  • it creates a title property using what I think is a deprecated format

I’m just getting started with Logseq (coming from Roam, obviously) and I may be confused about some of the above. My goal is to move to Logseq without losing any information, so I may hack some solution for my own graph.

I see the date/time stuff has already been suggested: Import from Roam support to keep original page's "created" and "updated" time and block's timestamp

Cross-linking this question I posed to another thread.
Has anyone tried this roam to logseq script ?