Search: prefer direct hits from the page title

I have a page with the title “test - nur eine Testseite - testpage”.

When I enter “test - n” in the search field, I do NOT get any hits on this page:

Only until I enter “test - nu” in the search field, the page appears in the hit list.

I would expect:
(1) to get at least one hit for the page.
(2) Hits where the text appears directly in the title should be ranked high in the hit list.

At least (1) must be seen as a bug :wink:

I am seeing the same behavior - I have to almost enter the entire name for the page hit to come up. I have many pages named “Episode “number” - “ and then an a name of the page - putting in Episode I. The search field only brings up about 2 of the over 15 pages with that in the title.

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