Search still seems quite slow, and crashes my MacOS10.10

When I start typing in the Search box, it starts to auto-complete, but after a few characters Logseq appears to freeze (I can’t type, I can’t escape). If I give 30-60 seconds, it might find a document which matches the first characters, and I click on it. Then when I try to quit, I get an endless loop of something similar to “updating” or “synching” repository. I tried to take a screencap, but it didn’t work because the keyboard froze and I had to push the power button.

I haven’t had this problem before I installed Logseq. Note, I did install in the same dir as my Obsidian vault, which has about 200 documents in it. I didn’t think that would be a problem, but maybe it is. I did the two most recent updates and have restarted my machine twice as well. Still it causes my system to freeze.

same here, with version 0.4.1.
I am also using LogSeq on top of an Obsidian vault, perhaps that is the problem?