Seeking advice on my workflow - preparing for cloud certifications

Hi all - new logseq user here, overwhelmed so far but feeling positive about it. I’ve watched at least 10 hours worth of content across blog posts, youtube, etc. but I’m still struggling with finding examples of how to attempt to structure my information.

I started with the advice of “don’t worry about where stuff goes, just put it on the journal page”, but quickly found that this was not working for me - I didn’t know enough functionality at the time, so by the time I learned about tags, namespaces, aliases, queries, etc., I was already 2 weeks in and needed to overhaul everything.

My goal:

I’m studying for certifications for the three major cloud platforms (AWs,GCP,Azure), and eventually will need to complete basic AND advanced certifications for each. I really want to be able to quickly see connections between the clouds (one example - the main storage engine) which will help me to also understand their differences.

This is for work, as my company is “moving to the cloud”, so additionally I need to be able to connect what I learn here with the software my company makes.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking through academia-related workflows, but they focus so much on references/citations and pdf docs, which I won’t use at all. They ultimately haven’t helped.

Previous stack:

  • Workflowy. Loved it for searching, but missed formatting and markdown because I do create public-facing content and the outlining wasn’t robust enough for that.
  • Obsidian - perfect for linking notes and my certification prep, but not for task management or references or less “structured” things (like my travel wishlist or gift ideas for people)
  • OneNote - it’s integrated with outlook is the main driver for quickly capturing and prioritizing my work tasks. So far it seems like I’m keeping this one.

Right now I’m specifically stuck on namespaces, b/c I see it as a potential help but also maybe too structured? Am I getting too stuck in the weeds?

For example:


this could also capture other related technologies, that run on a cloud (i.e. cloud-technologies/Snowflake)

and then for work…

However, I also want to know what course this information is useful for, so would add a tag or property for the course? ( Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate)

Apologies for the scatterbrained-mess here. I’ve found that if I don’t structure things in logseq correctly, I find out later that functionality I need isn’t available (for example, can’t be queried or requires a really advanced query, and I don’t want to build a whole system that can’t actually be queried only after I have enough time to learn advanced queries).

Any/all advice is appreciated!

I work on cloud so I think I can help here. So If I understand correctly, you want to learn about different cloud providers and see the connections between them.

First of all you’re consuming a book/article/course whatever so just create a page for that and put all your notes here.

While taking your notes, try to link back - This is important and will help you see connections.
Here we can do it like this:
Have a generic page/namespace/tags for cloud and put all generic products in there like a database, compute etc. (You don’t have to make this explicit list, you can add when you encounter a new one in your notes)
Similarly, have a generic page/namespace/tags for cloud providers. (Again add when you encounter)

Now let’s say you’re making a note of AWS Database, link to both AWS and Database.

Then you can filter only Database and this will show you all databases of all cloud providers
You can filter only AWS and this will show you all products of AWS
And of course you have your notes of the certification already.

Hope this helps.