Select multiple columns and STRING_AGG with queries


I am so what fimiliar with SQL but can’t really get the LogSeq queries.

I have pages with page-properties:
tags:: storage
type:: (one of) container, room, cabinet…

I have pages with page-properties:
tags:: item
stored:: “specific page tagged with storage”

I can easily list all items in a specific container like:
{{query (page-property stored myContainer)}}

However, in my page called container, which lists all container with:
{{query (page-property type container)}}
I would like to add a column with all linked items.

With SQL I would do something like:
SELECT container.Name, STRING_AGG(itemList.Name, ', ')
FROM page container
INNER JOIN page itemList ON = container.Name
GROUP BY container.Name

But as I said, with the LogSeq queries I have no idea what to do.

Can I get some help and pointers? :innocent:

Thank you!