Semantically meaningful links, e.g. [[providesEvidenceFor>Climate Change]]

Not all links are the same. Sometimes one note supports another note, other times it refutes it. It should be possible to intuitively add semantics to links in Logseq. This would raise the expressiveness of the app to a new level. For example:

A page describing the relation supports:

# providesEvidenceFor

type:: relation
inverse:: corroboratedBy

Its use in another page:

# Some New Research Paper

Blah blah blah [[providesEvidenceFor>Climate Change]]

When typing inside the [[ ]], auto-complete in the pre-> section would be limited to pages with a type:: relation property. In the post-> section, auto-complete would behave like normal.

Then, in the Climate Change page, there should be a new section of references at the bottom of the page:

# Climate Change

blah blah
blah blah


Linked References

Unlinked References

Corroborated By
  Some New Research Paper
        * Blah blah blah [[providesEvidenceFor>Climate Change]]

Hope this makes sense.


The concept of course has value in the context of knowledge graphs but I don’t see why adding more syntax i.e. this could be implemented using existing block properties:

# Appleseed Theorem

implications:: [[Appleseed Lemma]]
# Cold Fusion

evidences:: [[Coherent Quantum Electrodynamics]]

and so on.

Though defining a relation as the inverse of another one is interesting and somehow covered.

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Still, defining a way to embed semantics, as in RDF, could be useful Semantic Markdown - Annotate your markdown content

There is a structured way to define and enhance relationships between blocks/knowledge items, its called a discourse graph. Leveraging such a graph can make knowledge synthesis a lot more efficient and can help represent complex knowledge ecosystems such as scientific literature or debate on a given topic. Knowledge synthesis: A conceptual model and practical guide · Open and Sustainable Innovation Systems (OASIS) Lab

here is a feature request to bring this functionality to logseq Improve Graph View: Relationship Types, Link Styling and Graph Parameters like in Cosma

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