Set a default open/close state for queries

Right now the default state after creating a query is for it to be open. If you have multiple queries on a page it can be disorientating to have them all open and to have them reopen anytime the cursor enters the query.

It’d be great to set the default state for queries so that you can choose whether they’re open or closed upon creation. This could help avoid crazy page jumps if you have large queries.

There is:

  {:title [:b "title"]
  :query [:find (pull ?b [*])
  [task ?b #{"LATER"}]
  :collapsed? true ; <------------- this line 

collapsed true collapses a query, just shows the number of hits

Awesome I didn’t know that, do I need to add this to the config.edn file?

You can, it can be added to any advanced query