Shift click on "Journals" should open latest in the sidebar

Also shift-click on a page title in the main view, and in general, it should be a lot easier and consistent to open things in the sidebar (even better would be multiple windows, but that sounds harder).

I need this so much! I’ve found you can sort of do this with the “journals calendar” plugin by shift-clicking on a date.

Yes! Or nothing should happen at all, but it should definitely not open in the main view.

Really more of a bugfix than a feature request.

I guess a workaround for now would be to create a macro with a block-reference to the most recent journal and put that in the contents? That way you can shift click on the macro and open the most recent journal.

I submitted a PR for this: Shift click on “Journals” opens latest in the right sidebar by mtravers · Pull Request #6511 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

Feature is now in release! 0.8.4