Short lived notes / Expiration date

Hey guys,

I use logseq mainly for work. I used to be a heavy notion user, but love the fact, that my notes are clustered like a journal by day and “tags”.

Logseq is like a second brain, that remembers everything that I might deem important now or even in the future. Therefore I write a lot into logseq, so I do know that my request sound like a little bit of a “against the concept” request, but hear me out.

I often have things to write down or notes to take, that I definitely will not need in the future and that will bloat my database with stuff, that is not valid anymore.

Let’s say I am working on a project and need to tell somebody to take check something.
Currently I am just putting that information as a todo for a later day into my logseq, to not forget and have the prewritten message prepared on time.

After I have told this person and checked the result, this is not important anymore.
Sometimes it contains a lof of very long technical specs, … .

Because this kept making my search unusable and my datasets huge, I have started to write these things down in Joplin or Notion again, just so I have them somewhere.
BUT i would really love to have a way of telling logseq, that this specific information is not needed longterm and should be deleted automatically.

So it would be amazing to have an option to define an optional “expiry date” or information for entries, that will not be available after this point in time anymore.

I think this is a very clever idea. Maybe the “redundant” items could.go to an Archive graph with the press of a few keys or right click node and Archive. so that you have it in Logseq but just not in your main graph clogging things up.

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One solution I use is to add DONE to anything expired.

Finding information is either through queries, where DONE items are excluded, or backlinks, where it is possible to filter out all DONE items. This means DONE items are never seen, unless really needed.

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