Show Block's page when inline searching

Obsidian has this nice feature that you can see which page you’re referring to when enter a certain name.
Screenshot from 2021-03-29 15-47-30

In Logseq, this feature would com in handy for blocks because sometimes a certain block might have similar name to another block in another page. The global search has this functionality. It would be nice to have it inline as well

+1 this would be extremely welcome, I have a lot of blocks (bulllets) which are only ‘generic’ headings (like INFOS, CAMERA SETUP, VERSION, etc…) that I need to refer to elsewhere, and having the source page would be a huge benefit.

so whenever we use block ref or block embeds, it would be nice to display block+source page in the autocompletion list.

extrapolating further:

  • maybe we could even filter the results by page using a delimiter like ^^ or ;; (any string that would be unlikely be used in a block ref) ?
    eg: I’m looking to blockref the block INFO on page FILE_A (but FILE_B and FILE_C also have blocks named INFO block) : I type ((INF^^_A : this would bring up the block-ref list (( of blocks containing INF* and related source pages, then the delimiter ^^ would trigger filter by pages, then _A would filter all pages with _A in the results ?

This is a pretty good suggestion. I don’t see any downside of it.

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+1 totally agreed. it would be nice to show the locations of blocks when auto-completing.

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Agreed, let’s add it to the roadmap if it’s not there.