Sort in advanced query by multiple columns

I have the query below, which finds all open tasks scheduled for today, or with status NOW, and sorts them all by scheduled date ascending. How do I add to the query to put all tasks with priority A on the top of the list (sorted by scheduled date ascending), with all tasks with no priority beneath that (sorted by scheduled date ascending)?

{ :query [:find (pull ?b [*])
  :in $ ?today ?tomorrow
    [?b :block/marker ?m]
    (not [(contains? #{"DONE" "CANCELED"} ?m)])
    [(get-else $ ?b :block/scheduled ?tomorrow) ?d]
      [(= "NOW" ?m)]
      [(<= ?d ?today)])]
:inputs [:today :1d-after]
:result-transform (fn [result]
  (sort-by (fn [h]
    (get-in h [:block/scheduled])) result))
:breadcrumb-show? false}