Special treatment of “today”.md journal file

It is easy to use Working Copy (awesome iOS GitHub Client) to create or append to the “today”.md Logseq journal file in GitHub. I have added that to an iOS shortcut which at this stage just takes the contents of the clipboard, converts to markdown, and appends to “today”.md.

In this, I now have the potential to automatically log all sorts of information into Logseq via an iOS shortcut. For example, Airmail will provide an email as input, opening up the whole IFTTT arena.

This does require though that Logseq elegantly handles updates to ”today”.md that did not originate from Logseq. I guess it needs to pull the latest version off the GitHub repo every time.

I’m beginning to think that LogSeq already does what I requested, but I have on occasion had to pull an update.

Here’s my proof of concept iOS shortcut which updates the LogSeq journal with text contents of the clipboard. It is well documented.