Stay in edit mode after zooming in/out

At the moment, when zooming in/out using Alt-Right/Left you leave edit mode and have to click a block to continue typing.
It would be great if we could stay in edit mode, like it’s implemented in workflowy or dynalist.

2 possible implementations:

  • The text cursor stays in the block where it was before zooming in/out. That’s how dynalist does it.
  • The text cursor focuses the first child block after zooming in and the parent block after zooming out. That’s how workflowy does it.

Nothing against this idea, but just IMHO the need is lower if they implement the feature request to activate edit mode with up/down arrow keys when not in edit mode.

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I find your request valid and the suggested behaviour natural. In version 0.2.5 this already seems to be implemented.

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