Strange and annoying syncthing problem

I have been using syncthing to use Logseq with my android phone and my Linux computer. Up to now it has worked well.

Today I wanted to open a page on my computer. The page was created from the journal of 17th August on the computer itself.
This page and the entire journal for that day are now gone.
However I can still access them both from my phone.
So the sync must have worked Linux → Android, but then it has somehow been deleted from Linux but not Android.

I have tried restarting phone, computer, logseq and syncthing on both devices. I have tried refreshing and reindexing on both devices.
I have entered new things in today’s journal on both devices and syncing works.

On one hand I am happy that my info has not been lost. On the other hand this is a big pain and I do not feel secure using this sync method any more.

Please help!

Hah! Now my other problem:
is causing me issues again.
I want to copy my journal entry of 17th August from my phone to preserve it and to get it on my computer.
Are these two problems related? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8+

Hello again,
So, yesterday I had the journal entry for August 17th on my phone, but not on the computer. Even though they were supposed to be synchronised.

This morning, on starting logseq on my android phone, I was asked to clear the cache and to reselect my logseq directory.
I did this and everything seemed to be ok until I scrolled down to check on August 17th…it is gone from my phone too now.

I am losing faith in this syncing process. Who knows how many other notes have disappeared?
I do not work at my computer the whole day, I’d like to be able to write things into my phone as they come into my head.

Can someone please reassure me or help me out?
I’m worried what will happen when I turn on my computer.

It happens every time logseq is not used for a while and the phone turns it off.
This is the message I get when I open logseq

DB version is not compatible, please clear cache then re-add your graph back.
Cache löschen

I’m beginning to lose faith and I’m worried to sync with my PC again in case it creates problems.

Greetings. Longtime Syncthing user here, recent Logseq adopter, running with 2 Linux boxes and an Android phone.

I assume that whatever is going wrong sync-wise must be a Syncthing problem. If you check the Syncthing web UI on both devices, does it report any problems? What about the next time your devices fall out of sync? I’d expect a clue there.

Meanwhile, I’m puzzled by the “DB version is not compatible” message you’re getting from Logseq. I could be wrong, but that smells like a different issue to me. Are you running the same version of Logseq on both devices?

Thanks for the reply.
I’ll check your points out tomorrow hopefully and let you know what I find.

Just encountered the “DB version is not compatible, please clear cache” problem on Android after updating from 0.7.8 to 0.8.2, and it wouldn’t go away until I installed Android 0.8.1 instead.
Updating to Android 0.8.2 makes the problem come back.
I’m running Logseq on several windows devices and on Android (syncing with Google Drive and DriveSync).
I first updated on Windows without issues. Then when I updated the Android version to 0.8.2 I got this error.

have a look and see if there’s any sync-conflict files (see Understanding Synchronization — Syncthing documentation), you may need to manually resolve such a conflict (by moving one file over another or manually merging the contents). It happened to me 2 times.

Hi Guys,
sorry for such a late reply, things have been really hectic.

The “DB version is not compatible…” problem disappeared for me too after updates on Android.

The syncing problem does not seem to be a direct syncthing problem, rather a logseq one. Somehow my logseq directories seem to have become nested. I will create another post about this in case it helps anyone.