Stuck on selecting folder error choose valid directory

so i am attempting to get started
so I open logseq create a folder with logseq on cloud drive
take a few notes
when I reopen logseq
I get error
‘please choose a valid directory’
with logseq icon inside
stumped as logseq created the folder in the first place
off to a buggy start …

i just noticed a separate folder in my iCloud drive not within the db folder I created.
which is folder with logseq icon on it …
it has zero bytes, nothing in it …

so I tried opening that and adding some doc and this appears to work …
So I guess I cant use the folder/s i created with the app
is this a bug?
can i rename the db i now have?
id rather not have the folder be just called logseq …

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so this folder iCloud~com~logseq~logseq/Documents
Appears to work so i will start again from here
leaving this post for others who may stumble into this as well