Subsection with no indentation

Hi everyone,

First of all congrats on logseq. It’s incredibly useful and fun. A really excellent project.

I’m using it in a weird way perhaps: sharing the same pages folder between logseq and an Obsidian vault. This works surprisingly well!

However, there something I’ve noticed that breaks in this setup (that I don’t know enough about logseq’s internals to understand if it’s a sensible/possible request or not).

When using markdown headers, the child items get “blockquoted” in Obsidian. Here’s an example:
If I have this structure on logseq:

It works fine on Obsidian:

But if I add an header (##):

I get the following:

Is it possible to de-indent this? Or not, given the way logseq parses the markdown?

I’ve previously reflected this issue to the developers on GitHub: Interoperability with Obsidian for bulleted headings · Issue #1717 · logseq/logseq · GitHub
Hoping this will be resolved soon!