Suggestions about keyboard shortcuts page in main panel

Re: the page titled “Learn & Customize Shortcuts”

  • The sidebar label ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ has a clickable button ‘Learn more’ that opens this page in the main panel. The button is inconsistent with the other links there.
  • The page title doesn’t make sense because the page doesn’t let you customize shortcuts. Is that planned for the future? If not, just change the title to “Keyboard Shortcuts”
  • If users cannot customize the shortcuts on this page, there should be links at the top to 1) instructions to customize the page and 2) a link to the file (or description of the file location) needed for customization.
  • Start the list with “Basics” rather than “Triggers” and have a brief description of what “triggers” even means—I’m not clear on quite what it means
  • some of the items under “Basics” really belong in “Navigation”, such as collapse, expand, zoom in, and zoom out
  • “Basics” and “Toggle” are not useful category titles. In the future, these should be reorganized into better categories.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Learn & Customize Shortcuts page shall allow users to customize the shortcuts from the UX directly instead of making changes manually in config.edn file. It’s planned but not implemented yet.

We’ll improve the category and others later.