Sync too slow to use the Apps


I signed up as a Backer to use Logseq Sync on latest iOS, iPadOS, MacOS (and Android) and started with an empty graph. I then installed the official Readwise Plug-in via the Mac App and started the initial sync. This synced 4.140 highlights into Logseq.
I also imported a dozen of Obsidian Markdown files into this Cloud Graph. So I have now a total of 873 pages.
Opening any app now takes minutes until the App ca be used (whatever platform but M1 Mac seems to be the fastest.) The cloud symbol is either „offline“ or orange, the App freezes in the Journale View and I can’t use it.
Is there something I can change to have the Apps ready to work immediately (Sync can work in the background but shouldn’t block the Apps)?
Like this Logseq is not usable for which is a pity as I like the concept and plugins.
Any support would be highly appreciated :blush:

OK, I now customized the Readwise Sync to leave out a very huge Highlight collection, resetted the Plugin and logged out of all Apps to allow a new, clean Sync.
Still 873 pages but only 201 Highlights from Readwise in that document and now Sync is working at least in a couple of seconds …