Synchronize Desktop and Android

Hi, I’m new here. Is there some way to sync the desktop with android ? The desktop has a different directory structure than an android.



Thank for help

Personally I just created a graph on desktop, then setup Syncthing to sync its folder with Android and used it as graph from Logseq for Android.

It works great but whatever method you choose to sync the folder be sure not to edit the same page at the same time with two different devices: you will get conflicts and you will have to get the content back manually from the hidden .bak folder.

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I started the topic Use Storage Access Framework for best privacy and compatibility to suggest that logseq adopts the best methods for file handling in Android. Provides best chances for low friction compatibility with new versions of android and gives a load of different options for interacting between apps (ever more as scoped storage is increasingly enforced by newer android versions). Votes on that feature request should help get it more visibility and (hopefully) implementation of SAF stuff in logseq

Yes, but when I create a page in Android [[page/test]]
This create file page/
then I’ll sync
On desktop add [[page/test]]
This cannot open file page/ but create new file