Tagging through page-properties not working

Hi everyone,

I assume this is a bug – a link in a page property is supposed to tag all the blocks in that page with the given link, right? It doesn’t for me, unfortunately.

I made a simple query {{query (and [[Problem]] [[Activity Theory]] )}}. I want it to fetch blocks tagged with #Problem from the pdf highlights pages where I added some page properties like this:

Unfortunately, the query is showing 0 results. However, when I simply add the [[Activity Theory]] link as a parent block to all the highlights and notes on the page, it works as expected. But shouldn’t the page-property links be enough?

I’d like to see this work also… and there have been previous questions on the forum to this end. But I don’t see any responses - not even a “no, we’re not going to support that”.

Anyway, if you’ve found an answer since this post, I’d love to hear it!