Task default priority?


It would be nice if there is a setting for task default priority. For example, if I set the default priority to “A”, then every time I created a task using /todo, I would like it to automatically also invoke the priority command /A, and then I can manually toggle the priority to my liking using the nice UI.

Without this feature, I often forgot to set task priority, which makes the priority system less useful to me.

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If this would be an option I would be fine. I just want to note that my TODOs don’t use a priority but all of my longterm tasks do. So I don’t use priority in combination with TODOs but with “tasks” which are pages of their own.

So I wouldn’t want to be forced to use priorities with a TODO but I can see that others would find this helpful.

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Thanks for sharing your use cases, ChrisVn. I haven’t thought about assigning priorities to anything other than tasks, but that does should like a useful thing to do. So when managing these long-term tasks, do you use custom queries to find out all pages with priority assignments?

I have posted a short description of parts of my workflow here:

And yes, I use the following 3 queries on my [[BACKLOG.task]] page…
{{query (and [[BACKLOG.task]] (priority A))}}
{{query (and [[BACKLOG.task]] (priority B))}}
{{query (and [[BACKLOG.task]] (priority C))}}