Text Block Versions

About adding multiple versions for same text block, like that in roam
this is marked by small number inside a circle to indicate that this block has multiple versions underneath.

Thanks for posting. I know this feature in Roam, but have been hard-pressed to find a good use for it, and it seems fairly difficult to add to Logseq (speculating here). Curious, how have you found it useful in Roam for your workflow? Do you feel it is really needed, or just a nice-to-have?

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I havent used Roam but ive used similar solutions in tiddlywiki and scrivener.

  • for writing ive found very useful to preview/see a page/chapter with some versions vs with other versions, and export or screenshot the different versions

  • complex projects with multiple alternatives in consideration: i usually list options before settling in one, but when a method is used over another or similar things i always liked keeping the relevant one in an outline, binder, document- but linking to what was previously there… versioning making that easy

  • some outlines fit with showing alternatives (topic- option A, B, C) while others are focused on order, hierarchy etc (ex: order of topics or chapters in an essay). Id rather have some other way to show alternatives within an outline that is entirely laid out on order or hierarchy then suddenly make a bullet whose children follow a different logic

  • i havent done it yet but i can see some pratical uses in slides, specially to have the option to swap information to some additional informational on the fly (ex: some extra information i wouldnt show, thus wouldnt add to the slide order, but if someone asked i would like to quickly jump to- i would could use version for that)

    • also could be used to slide blocks/imagens in a presentation while on the same slide, say under the same text

Plus i can see some practical uses, similar to how Kanban is useful to many (while logically being very similar to bullets indented)

For example creating some ‘tabs’ in a growingly busy contents page- that btw would be my first usecase

My usage was given here: Adapting a writing workflow involving block versioning from Roam