Text scrolling while editing

When I place the cursor near the bottom of the screen to edit some text, I would like the text to stay where it is on the screen.

One reason is because I don’t want to have to find the cursor/text again.

Another reason is because, while editing, I usually want to refer to text above the cursor (which scrolls off the top of the screen when the cursor is placed), rather than text below the cursor, if there is any.

Another reason is that I can scroll up/down myself if I feel the need. I don’t want the software making inappropriate assumptions for me.

Is there any reasonable justification for this annoying feature?
(iPad app)

To give an example. When I double-click on a word near the bottom of the screen to select it, it is not selected, but the page scrolls up so I have to find the word again and double-click again to select it.