The Dropbox Incident


My current setup for LogSeq looks like:

  • One MacBook
  • One Win10 Desktop

I use Dropbox for sny because I am familiar with it and usually it does what it should. But now I faced a foreign behaviour. When I open LogSeq on the MacBook and update the journal, the update is not visible on the win10 machine. Not 1 minute later, not 20 minutes later. I need to shutdown LogSeq completely on the MacBook to release the local updated files.

Is this a LogSeq specific behaviour or is this caused by Dropbox?

I have also read that some guys here are using Github for syncing. Is this better? I mean, is it reliable? And if, is there a howto out there that tells a noob like me how to set it up?

Thanks a lot!

PS: Another issue I face might be related to the sync issue on Dropbox: The date format in the journal is inconsistent.

5 minutes later: I think I found out what the issue was: I had different date format settings on the Mac and on the Win10 machine. Now I have on both machines the same date format and wuff, it works like a charme.

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